Crossfeed mincer


The AWK130 is the smallest of our automatic crossfeed mincer range.
As it is a high performance machine with compact construction and a batch size between 120-130 liter, it is suitable in big crafts enterprises and mid-sizes industrial companies.

The AWK is able to process fresh and frozen, rough dissected meat till a temperature of -12 °degrees.
As all of our automatic crossfeed mincer of our product range, the AWK convinces with a perfect hourly output and a brilliant cutting quality.


AW52-240 / AW130-240

With a batch size of 180-200 liter, the AW is very suitable for the Industry and the big crafts enterprises.
With an hourly output of approx. 3000 kg per hour, this machine is definitely part of the high class meat mincer.
The AW processes rough cut meat fresh or frozen, till -15 ° degrees easy and gentle.
Equipped as standard with a feeding hopper with safety frame, an automatic loading can be added additionally.


AW56-240 / AW160-240

This model is the most powerful mincer in this range. With a stronger drive and a perfect hourly output, the AW is able to produce easily till 4.000 kg.
Perfectly suitable for the production of for example burger beef and kebap in big quantities, the AW can be found in the industry and big crafts enterprises.
Because of its bigger cutting space and the wider volution, this crossfeed mincer processes, even bigger meat pieces, gentle and easily with very less friction on the meat.
The machine is also able to produce without problems precut pieces till -18° degrees.


AWM52-240 / AWM130-240

Because of the standard mixing arm, this mincer provides, beside the mincing, the possibility, to mix ingredients like liquids and / or spices with the meat. That’s why this model is especially suitable to produce for example burger beef.
Like all of the crossfeed mincers, also this one convinces with the gentle and easy processing of the meat, with very less friction.
The hourly output of fresh meat is also approx. 3000 kg and the machine is able to produce precutted meat with a temperature of -15°degrees.


AWM56-240 / AWM160-240

This model fulfills the highest requests concerning the processing and hourly output.
With the stronger drive, the wider volution of the worm, the bigger cutting set, and the mixing arm, this model is perfectly suitable for the production of big quantities of sausages, and with cutting system enterprise for the production of burger beef.
The machine has an hourly output of approx. 4.000 kg with fresh meat, and is able to process precut meat pieces till a temperature of -18° degrees.



The AW200 is the biggest industrial mincer in our product range. With standard stepless speed regulation of the feeding and working worm and the 380 liter hopper volume, the mincer has an hourly output of approx. 6.000 kg, using fresh meat and a 3-part cutting set.