The K800 is used in the dissection industry and slaughterhouses. This saw is especially for the dissection of pork, beef and game. In the fish industry, this model is especially suitable for the dissection of frozen tunas and other big, frozen fish.
This model can be equipped selectively with sliding- or swivel doors and is, because of the different table variants, perfectly suitable for every kind of product.


The bandsaw K440H disposes of a sliding table seated on ball bearings, extended cutting height and a bigger table. Because of the stronger motor, the sawing of high and big products, frozen or fresh is no problem.
This model is predestinated for the exact portioning and dissection of frozen and fresh products like fish or meat.
Selectively, the K440H can be equipped with the smaller RS-table.


The floor model K430 is used in the industry as well as in big meat cutting plants and self service packer. Because of the optimal speed regulation, this model is very suitable for the dissection of big quantities of frozen and fresh meat parts as well as for cutting of frozen fish and meat blocks. The K430 can be ordered optionally with a bigger table, the working space will be extended.


The K330 is the economy model of the profesional range of saws. She is very suitable for the break down of fresh and frozen hollow bones as well as the portioning of fresh and frozen meat parts. The saw pays off by the higher blade speed and the good cutting performance.kolbe-k-330-bandsaw

Standard equipment

  • fix table
  • stainless wheels
  • cable set with CEE-phase connector
  • portioning unit
  • push-button-control
  • 4 height adjustable stainless steel anti vibration metal-feet
  • material pusher
  • thermal motor protection
  • 1 band saw blade


The table model K220 is perfectly suitable for small butchers and preparing rooms of supermarket branches. Parts of fresh meat as well as a little quantity of bones can be sawed with this model.

Selectively, the table saw can be combined with a fix or mobile stainless steel undercarriage.