M-iClean H

Ergonomic workstations, shorter wash cycles, quicker drying, lower costs.

The Meiko M-iClean H hood type dishwasher wasn’t born in an office. It was born in the pot wash – and you can tell. Until now, it wasn’t even possible to wash so quickly, economically and comfortably. All that with an 80% reduction in humidity and up to 21% lower energy consumption. A miracle of simple and efficient dishwashing.

The MEIKO ergonomic concept. Unique.  Just tap lightly. That’s all

It’s easy to talk about ergonomics but we made it happen – and the M-iClean H hood type dishwasher is the proof. It opens and closes itself with just a gentle tap from the operator. Silent. Reliable. Effortless.

The ergonomic concept of the hood type dishwasher M-iClean H safeguards the staffs health, saves time and creates a better work environment. No more awkward loading and unloading or twisting, no unnecessary waiting time, no more stooping or bending.

Never polish again! The optional drying table is the smart solution for even faster washware loading and unloading.


Product brochure: M-iClean H