M-iClean U

These Meiko premium-class undercounter dishwashers offer cutting-edge technology, economical performance, easy operation and GiO reverse osmosis – all in a beautifully designed package.

The M-iClean U glass washer offers a full range of innovative dishwashing technology, including GiO reverse osmosis, intuitive operation, efficient warewashing with minimal use of resources and reliable status checks including smart monitoring technology. But that’s not all. The M-iClean U is also unbeatably versatile and flexible, offering the optimum warewashing experience for every situation.

Intuitive Operation: With One Simple Touch
The blue-lit touch display screen is made from hygienic safety glass with a high resolution program progress indicator. Operators can select easy to understand glass or dish symbols for wash cycles. Clear error signals appear guiding the operator to make corrections where neeeded. Below the touch screen is the color-coded, LED illuminated handle which offers the user important messages from across the room.

Product Brochure: M-iClean U