A400 Fully Automatic Slicer


… Maximum performance with long-term reliability …
… Fully automatic slicer with or without conveyor belt …

bizerba-a400-slicerEfficiency, precision and flexibility optimally combined.

Whenever large quantities of product have to be sliced and decoratively presented, the A 400 and A 400 FB stand out due to a multitude of depositing patterns and slice positioning options (stacking, shingling, wide area shingling) as also extensive pre-selection options (number of slices, portions and carriage strokes, slice thickness). The LCD display with self-explanatory symbols makes operation easy. Moreover, defined slicing parameters can be stored or newly assigned via 3 – digital PLU.

Technical Data

  • Blade diameter: 330 mm
  • Slice thickness adjustment: 0.5-12 mm infinitely adjustable
  • Product size round Ø: 50-180 mm
  • Product size rectangular: 50 x 50 mm-175 x 240 mm
  • No. of carriage strokes: 30-55 strokes/min.
  • Program memory: 200
  • Additional equipment: Mounting stand, stainless steel with castors and lock, cheese blade (Teflon coated), instead of standard blade, carriage for 200, 400 and 600 mm product lengths


Product Brochure:  A400 Slicer