VSC 220 Manual slicer

A compact, professional slicer for minimal space – ergonomic, safe, hygienicVSC220

Operation is particularly simple due to a Ceraclean® surface with outstanding gliding properties, technically mature ergonomics and thus absolutely safe for the user.
Removable parts are dishwasher safe and can be mounted in a flash. The Ceraclean® surface finish is very easy to clean.  Perfectly suitable for very small areas in kitchens and bistros


  • Ergonomic and accurate: 10° blade angle at largest blade opening also for large products.
  • More spacious depositing area than in comparable performance class
  • Robust: Validoline is our entry-level class made of precision components and drive technology from the professional sector
  • Safe and simple: Operation and disassembly for cleaning are child’s play w/o the need of tools. The blade is protected at all times!
  • Durable and hygienic: Lifelong durability and optimal protection against microorganisms thanks to a Ceraclean® surface and fiber-reinforced composites (ETL-Sanitation-Label).
  • Especially space-saving:carriage can be tilted towards operator.

Product Brochure: Validoline VSC Slicer Series