Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machines

duoMAT 450/650/850

The WEBOMATIC duoMAT is a double chamber packaging machine by the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® line.
All surfaces are made of stainless steel. The table, i. e. the working surface, can be washed down wet all around. The tilted lid surfaces prevent water pools.
Simple operation: The vacuum chamber is placed inside the lid. The operating staff places the product on one side of the table and swivels the lid on this side. The sealing begins as soon am-vak-dk-duomat_01s the lid is pressed down.
State-of-the-art control: The duoMAT is IGT-controlled.
Easy maintenance: The sealing bars inside the lid are loosened with one grip. Special service covers allow a comfortable access to the vacuum pump and the switch cabinet on the side.

For food packaging, the bag packaging machine duoMAT is especially suited for vacuum packaging of large-sized meat and fish (e. g., complete eels or salmon sides) or big pieces of cheese. Moreover, the interval vacuum function enables a special gentle packaging of soft and juicy food like minced meat, slices of meat loaves, cream or powders.
In the non-food section, the machine is best suited for the packaging of electronic components like circuit boards and many more.


  • working area open to all sides
  • WEBOMATIC CleanDesign: hygienic wet cleaning possible
  • stainless hygienic high-quality steel
  • table-shaped machine design
  • seal and trim (sealing bar with a sealing wire and a cutting wire) or double-seam sealing (sealing bar with two sealing wires)
  • bi-active sealing for strong bag material (optionally against surcharge)
  • tool-less sealing bar removal, no wiring in the way
  • food-proof filling plates made of PE plastic
  • service-friendly construction
  • oil-drain valve on the pump
  • motor protection switch
  • soft air and MAP function (against surcharge, also retrofit)


Brochure download: duoMAT brochure

PNC 20

Very comfortable: This packaging machine provides a fully-automatic swivelling lid. This convenience does not require cost-intensive compressed air, because the swivelling movement of the lid is carried out by the built-in 160m³/h high capacity vacuum pump (optional 250m³/h vacuum pump).

You can choose to activate the packaging process automatically or manually. Four sealing bars with a length of 830 mm are im-vak-dk-PNC20_01ntegrated in the chambers which provides for the procession of industrial packaging quantities with this double chamber machine.

This vacuum chamber machine is serially equipped with a Soft-Air function. Further options like pluggable gas nozzles for MAP gas supply, bi-active sealing and compressed air supported sealing as well as perforation knives are also available so that the packaging process is even more efficient.

The model PNC 20 A-D-M2 (shown above), completely equipped with a fully automatic product discharger. In combination with other WEBOMATIC components, like shrink units, dryer, collecting devices, etc. it can be extended to an industrial packaging line.


Brochure download:  PNC brochure