Thermoforming machines

ML-C 2600m-tz-ml-c2600_01

The ML-C 2600 is a vacuum packaging tool with a great performance in small and middle-sized companies. With its total length of not more than 3.7 m, this thermoformer fits in any space. Occupying only little floor space, it produces high-quality vacuum packages, quick and well-priced.

As the bigger models ML-C 3600 and ML-C 5600, the ML-C 2600 presents itself in the CleanDesign. This means a comprehensive hygiene through a simple wet cleaning. This is realized by unfoldable side covers, slanted surfaces for the water drain as well as distances between components which prevent pools of water and dirt.

Depending on your requirement, the ML-C 2600 can process flexible and rigid films up to 600 µm, 322 mm, 362 mm or 422 mm wide. It manages no less than eight repeat lengths between 120 and 300 mm; the max. draw depth is 130 mm.

For each basic model you can choose between twelve plug-in standard die sets which allow changeover within minutes. Via the user-friendly colour touch screen (several language-sets available) you will be able to set the control parameters easily to your specific product.


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ML-C 3600

The ML-C 3600 is ready for operation for all company sizes with a small or medium production. We manufacture this thermoformer with pre-tailored compact frame as well as in a modular build which, for example, allows a generous filling area.m-tz-ml-c3600_01

The thermoforming packaging machine ML-C 3600 can process all flexible and rigid films up to a width of 462 mm. This thermoformer masters the standard guillotine cut as well as the zigzag cut and perforation cut; it can also punch round corners. The standard heating can optionally be replaced by a pre-heating from below, or a sandwich pre-heating as well as a plug assist forming – an important prerequisite for the processing of special films.

Consistent WEBOMATIC CleanDesign enables an even simpler wet cleaning and comprehensive hygiene. Each cover and housing lid is easily removable and facilitates cleaning in the interior of the machine. The mounted machine parts are designed with inclined surfaces to make water run down smoothly. Moreover, constructive distances between the components prevent nests of dirt from the start.

ML-C 5600-skin

The thermoforming machine ML-C 5600-skin is designed for medium35-02_ML-C5600-skin-Farbverlauf to high production volume and already well-integrated in the food processing sector. The thermoformed skin pack is an available packing function of the ML-C 5600, which was developed in accordance with the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® and the ML-C 5600 properties.


The skin process of a thermoforming machine produces very appealing packaging: thanks to the full surface sealing without shape or colour changes to the product, a perfect placement of the product inside the package is made possible. Since there is no slipping of the product or leaking of fluids, the packages are more hygienic and appealing to the end consumer. Through full surface sealing, high puncture safety is ensured, this is particularly advantageous when packaging sharp-edged products. Any product presentation – whether standing upright or laying on its side – is made possible.

And all that with an easy to open peel-off packaging.

37-12-skin      37-08-skin

Thanks to lower material usage and the ability to use very thin films, important resources are conserved and costs are minimized. The smaller package size creates further advantages in terms of warehousing and logistics.

Important Features:

  • WEBOMATIC Clean Design® for even easier wet cleaning and overall hygiene. All covers and trim panels are easily removable and thus facilitate the interior cleaning. All attachments have bevelled surfaces, enhancing direct water flow  and are strategically placed to eliminate dirt traps (wash-down capability).
  • The skin film is transported to the skin dome by a separate gripper chain, this allows the processing and secure transport of the finest films. A high process reliability is ensured and cracks are avoided, even with thin films.
  • All thermoforming skin applications with top film suitable for skin packaging can be processed on the ML-C 5600-skin.

The Thermoforming Principle:


1. As soon as the sealing die has closed, the chamber is completely evacuated. The preheated top film is fed into the dome, heated further and plasticized.

2. By the gentle ventilation, the film fits snugly around the contours of the product like a second skin. Any area of the pack which does not touch the product is being sealed full surface.

3. The die opens and the finished package is carried on to the next processing step.