Xpeed 5


xpeed5-wrapperThe new XPEED tray sealing machine family is Gruppo Fabbri answer to the industrial requirements of the fresh food packaging.

Suitable to protective atmosphere packaging applications, the XPEED brings consistently high performance in the packaging of meat, poultry, ready meals, fish, delicatessen sectors and fresh foods requiring extended shelf life.

The X5 is the flagship of the machines belonging to the industrial sector produced by Gruppo Fabbri.

Main features and strength points

  • High productive flexibility combined to high productivity
  • Chance to choose the right packing technology depending on product requirements
  • The machine can use any kind of tray and tray sealing film
  • High speeds in terms of cycle/minute
  • One of the most market performing machine in term of output
  • New concept vacuum chamber
  • Narrow footprint
  • Responding to UNI ISO EN 14159 rules
  • Reduced gas consumption, among the lowest of the market