Eloma Oven

Eloma Genius MT C1-1
Eloma Genius MT C1-1

Eloma Genius MT C1-1

Genius MT C1-1


The GN 1/1 compact GENIUS MT C – experience the advantages of the MT Technology and use up to six levels. Full capacity within a 20.5″ wide combi-steamer.

The Flexible and Compact Combi

With the MT technology simplify your cooking and baking thanks to MT Technology. Just slide, wipe or scroll – intuition is the key to operating your GENIUS MT C with lightning speed precision.

 Huge benefits for all professional chefs and bakers.

  • Minimal heating time (less than 2.5 minutes to reach 320° Fahrenheit)
  • Perfect cooking temperature: stable and precise to the degree, even in the lower temperature range
  • Energy and water consumption reduced to a minimum
  • Significant savings on ingredients thanks to minimised cooking losses and waste
  • 50% more capacity thanks to variable tray sizes
  • Lightning-fast cooling
  • Optimisation of product usage thanks to superbly even temperature distribution
  • Precise, regular air distribution at all levels
  • Perfect combination of cooking parameters

High-resolution 7`` color monitor with true MultiTouch technology
A simple stroke of the finger simultaneously sets temperature and humidity to the exact degree and percentage. Climatic® MT makes it possible
The function Last® 20 remembers the last 20 cooking processes – nothing is lost
A touch with your finger puts all settings exactly where you want them to be thanks to Quick Set
System caterers will love Quick Mode. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets by means of specifically predetermined operating sequences
9 cooking methods, 9 menu groups, low temperature and Delta T cooking
400 cooking and baking programs and favorites function
Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the cooking process
Manual, exact steaming in the baking mode

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