Gruppo Fabbri Tray Sealer

Gruppo Fabbri Xpeed 1
Gruppo Fabbri Xpeed 1
Gruppo Fabbri Xpeed 1

Gruppo Fabbri Xpeed 1

High speed, high volume tray sealer


XPEED 1 is the compact tray sealer by Gruppo Fabbri suitable for the packaging of fresh foods with Lid trays and film that brings the latest innovations in the field of tray sealing. Based on the XPEED 5 platform, XPEED 1 shares the main structural and operational features of the flagship version, bringing innovations in tray in-feed, gas consumption, flexibility and format change.

XPEED 1 provides performance that is characteristic of top of the range machines, being the only tray-sealer in its segment with both double and single-line in-feed. Made of stainless steel for maximum durability in harsh environments, XPEED 1 is suitable for applications in: vacuum gas for protective atmosphere in the medium- and long-term with minimal levels of residual oxygen, gas flushing to obtain a protective atmosphere in the short- and medium-term, skin configuration, versions with protruding product, single tray closure with film lid. 

Electronics are housed aty the top of tha machine ensuring cleaning can be done with minimal egress of water into these areas.

Entry and exit areas are not shrouded to the floor minimising the amountof under-machine cleaning.

With XPEED 1 Gruppo Fabbri brings innovation to the segment of tray-sealing based on the best Italian engineering and a deep understanding of the food packaging market.

Photocell for use of printed film.
Trolley for fast and easy mould maintenance and replacement.
Automatic tray feeder.
Dividers/combiners for incoming and outgoing product.
Extended in-feed conveyors and outgoing product.
Module for downloading production data.
Remote assistance
Vacuum pump.
Set up for gas mixer and analyser.
Quick release mould kit.
Safety kit mould.
Other optional features upon request.

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