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Check Scales WDW 15 & 30
Check Scales WDW 15 & 30

Check Scales WDW 15 & 30

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The new WDW Weighing Scale is a graceful weighing scale with multiple range division and water-proof structure. Internal rechargeable battery is fitted to the Waterproof Scales to eliminate the need for AC power outlets in the wet environment. This steady WDW scales also reserved an optional RS232 interface to connect with printer device . If you need a durable scale that can stand up a wet environment, this WDW scale will be your best choice.

Available in 15kg and 30kg.

IP-67 Wash Down design
30 mm Large LCD Display with auto backlight function
Weight Unit Setting: kg / pcs available
With Single-Interval or Multi-Range (2 ranges) Division
Auto Zero-Point Tracking
Tare Function
Simple Counting Function
Low Power & Charging Status Indication
External Digital-Calibration

WDW-15 Capacity 6kg/15kg Division 2g/5g
WDW-30 Capacity 15kg/30kg Division 5g/10g

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