Eloma Oven

Eloma Genius MT 20-21
Eloma Genius MT 20-21

Eloma Genius MT 20-21

Genius MT 20-21


Excellet cooking and baking with the Eloma MT technology

  • 7“ MultiTouch Display (capacitive)
  • Last® 20 cooking programs
  • 20-21 oven has 20 levels of racks and holds 2 GN1/1 trays per rack
  • Multi Cooking
  • Quick Set
  • Quick Mode
  • Language neutral operation
  • autoclean® MT
  • HACCP data protocolling and display
  • Fan speed in three levels
  • Eloma live steam system
  • SPS®: Steam protection system

Superior build quality ensures the Eloma ovens lead the market in reliability.

Simplify your cooking and baking thanks to MT Technology
Just slide, wipe or scroll – intuition is the key to operating your GENIUS MT with lightning speed precision

- High resolution 7″ colour monitor with real MultiTouch Technology
- A simple stroke of the finger simultaneously sets temperature and humidity to the exact degree and percentage. Climatic® MT makes it possible.
- The function Last 20 remembers the last 20 cooking processes – nothing is lost.
- Multi Connect makes it easy to interconnect your GENIUS MT: Manage your programmes and HACCP data using advanced communication interface such as USB or LAN.
- A touch with your finger puts all settings exactly where you want them to be thanks to Quick Set.
- System caterers will love Quick Mode. It allows rapid and standard handling in all outlets by means of specifically predetermined operating sequences.
- 9 cooking methods, 9 menu groups, low temperature and Delta T cooking
- 400 cooking and baking programmes, and favourites function
- Automatic logbook function, HACCP display showing all data at a glance, can be archived with PC and LAN interface.
- Various fan speeds
- Programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine
- Automatic heating and cooling with fast cool down function
- Manual, precise steaming in baking mode

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