Eloma Oven

Eloma Genius MT 6-11
Eloma Genius MT 6-11

Eloma Genius MT 6-11

Genius MT 6-11


The future of cooking from Eloma: the combi steamer GENIUS MT delights with its advanced MT Technology which is tailored to various requirements of the out-of-home market, e.g. in restaurants, canteen kitchens and the system catering. Thanks to the high resolution MultiTouch Display and the intuitive controls, it is possible to concentrate on what is important: just cooking! Innovative functions such as Last 20, Multi Cooking or Climatic® MT lend a hand.

Superior build quality ensures the Eloma ovens lead the market in reliability.

7“ MultiTouch Display (capacitive)
Last® 20
Multi Cooking
Quick Set
Quick Mode
Language neutral operation
autoclean® MT
HACCP data protocolling and display
Fan speed in 5 levels
Eloma live steam system
SPS®: Steam protection system

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