Eloma Oven

Eloma Multimax 6-11
Eloma Multimax 6-11
Eloma Multimax 6-11

Eloma Multimax 6-11

Multimax 6-11


A 6 tray combi-steam oven developed for Chefs.

When developing the MULTIMAX combi-steamer we pursued a clear target: Highest efficiency by reducing things to the essentials. No frills. No fuss. And the result is what many chefs wished for: A reliable, uncomplicated craftsman. MULTIMAX is a reliable partner. It supports the kitchen staff in all work processes and makes sure that the chef can do his job with due passion and concentration. Easy handling and quality craftsmanship – this combination is our secret for long-lasting success. Made in Germany!

Superior build quality ensures the Eloma ovens lead the market in reliability.

5“ Touch-Screen (resistive)
Language neutral operation
8 operating modes from 86°F to 572°F
Steptronic®: adding steps and combining cooking modes
Clima-activ®: active dehumidification and air inlet
Fan speed in 5 levels and pulsed, programmable, for gentle cooking
Autoreverse fan for even results
HACCP data logging and display
Live steam system
Time setting from 1 min to 24 hours and continuous operation
Start time setting
E/2: Energy saving mode
Manual cleaning: supported / semi-automatic
Multi-point core-temperature sensor
Active temp: active preheat and cool down
Safety door lock
Integrated spray hose
Steam discharge
SPS®: Steam protection system
Manual steaming
Regeneration mode
Delta-T cooking
Low-temperature cooking
Programme list

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