Gruppo Fabbri Fungustar Film
Gruppo Fabbri Fungustar Film

Gruppo Fabbri Fungustar Film

Fungustar Film


FUNGUSTAR is a double layer pvc stretch film, specifically developed for mushroom packaging.

This film provides outstanding clarity, sparkle, and eye appeal useful to increase the sales of fresh mushrooms.

Its unique formulation lets natural freshness and quality show through, slowing the mushrooms browning time.

Its controlled breathing rate helps to extend shelf life and the merchandising cycle.

Pale mushrooms (as champignons), being usually more subject to oxidation, obtain the most  improvement.

Thanks to this film typology, packed products keep their natural colour for a  longer time.

Available in both neutral and printed version (M.o.Q. for printed film:  120 rolls).

Available inthicknesses: 10 ; 12 ; 14  µm.

Available for printed film in 14 Micron thickness only

It is a film that can be printed in 10 colours, permitting the customisation and enhancement of your product on the shelves of large-scale distribution channels.

Fungustar adds to the range of double-layer stretch film produced and marketed globally by Gruppo Fabbri.

- Normal
- Micro-perforated
- Printed.

Minimum Thickness: 10μm (Printed only 14μm).

Max thickness: 14μm.

Inner reel core: 111 mm, 76 mm option

Min width: 210mm.

Stretch film: Max reel width 650mm

Min length: 1800m

Max length: 2,000m

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