ICOS Automatic Cooker
ICOS Automatic Cooker
ICOS Automatic Cooker

ICOS Automatic Cooker

MCP - Single Tank


This Cooker is made for continuous cooking. Different types of food can be boiled, like pasta, rice (minimum 1.5 mm in size), vegetables, meat etc., thanks to the basket’s design. Setting the cooking parameters is intuitive and easy and with the precision instruments the cooking results are excellent and cycles can be repeated by simply pressing the start button.

- Easy to use with just a few simple and intuitive commands
- Quick to clean, guaranteeing high-level hygiene thanks to the satin-finished surfaces
- Simple to inspect thanks to the removable front panel providing access to the technical compartment
- Thermal insulated with high-density 96/128 kg/m3 biosoluble fibre felt featuring excellent thermal stability and which significantly reduces heat dispersion
- Delicate treatment of all food types, at the service of the Chef
- Adjustable balanced lid, perfect to prevent condensate from dripping into the tank
- Thick, anti-corrosive materials ensure the sturdiness and resilience of the pot over time

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