Kolbe Manual Mincer

Kolbe Manual Mincer TWK32
Kolbe Manual Mincer TWK32

Kolbe Manual Mincer TWK32

Benchtop Manual Mincer


Presenting the Kolbe small footprint table top mincer, ensuring premium quality meat processing suitable for smaller butcheries.  The feeding funnel is 65 x 65 mm in combination with a large volume bowl.  

The TWK32 model is equipped with an Enterprise E32 cutting system, a 3 mm hole plate with a hub and four slots and one knife.
The TWK32 is very easy to handle and clean.

Cutting system Enterprise E32
Diameter of perforated plate 100mm
Standard bowl volume 16 ltr
Hourly output with perforated plate of 3 mm 600 kg/h
Motor capacity / IP55 1,5 (2,2 opt.) kW
Net weight 69–71Kg

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