Kolbe Mixer Grinder

Kolbe MW52-120 / MW130-120
Kolbe MW52-120 / MW130-120

Kolbe MW52-120 / MW130-120

Mixer Grinder


Our biggest mixer grinder of this range is the MW52/130-120. Through its bigger cutting system and dimensions of the worm, the 120 litre mincer can be loaded with bigger part pieces. This model is very suitable for the application in a portioning line, especially in combination with the KOLBE PM150 portioning device, and is able to process bigger meat pieces with a temperature of -8°C.

The MW is applicable, wherever the pretension to the batch sizes requires a 120 litre funnel.

Like all KOLBE mixer grinders, the MW is characterized by a brilliant production and cutting performance while minimal temperature increasing, and can be ordered in cooled edition.

Kolbe MW52-120 Mixer Grinder
Kolbe MW130-120 Mixer Grinder

Cutting system: Enterprise E52
Diameter of perforated plate: 130mm
Hopper volume : 120 ltr
3 mm plate hourly output: 2000 kg/hr
IP55 Motor main drive: 7,5 kW
IP55 Motor mixer drive: 1,1 kW
Net weight: 520–530 kW