Kolbe Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder  MWK32-80
Mixer Grinder  MWK32-80
Mixer Grinder  MWK32-80
Mixer Grinder  MWK32-80
Mixer Grinder  MWK32-80

Mixer Grinder MWK32-80

High Throughput Mixer Grinder


This mixer grinder is the starting model for the connection with a KOLBE PM150 portioning device. The machine has a compact drive with a good basis performance and a 80 litre hopper. The MWK is very suitable for portioning and processes well fresh meat pieces till max. -1°C. Equipped with cooled funnel, it is very suitable for the production of kebab.
The MWK32/114-80 is applicable for middle-sized stores, the meat whole sale and bigger butcheries. Like all KOLBE mixer grinders, the MW is characterized by a brilliant production and cutting performance while minimal temperature increasing.

This mixer grinder has reversing paddle and reversing worm to ensure the best possible mixing of product.

Easy paddle, worm and barrel removal speeds up cleaning and the MWK32-80 even has flushing holes to clean behind the main bearings.

High power and mixing greatly enhances productivity. Adding the quicker cleaning time means significant labour savings.

Cutting set Enterprise
One speed for working worm and mixing paddle
Stand, funnel, mixing paddle of stainless steel
Mincer housing, worm, lock nut stainless
Gentle transport
Splash guard
Cable set with CEE-phase connector
Machine on movable castors
Perfect hygiene

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