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Technobake Roastrunner
Technobake Roastrunner
Technobake Roastrunner

Technobake Roastrunner

Self Cleaning Rotisserie steam oven


An innovative roast chicken oven from Australia.  This rotisserie oven features:

-  a unique wishbone racking system for easy loading and unloading of chickens, saving considerable time for the operators. This feature also improves heath & safety as the operators no longer have to lift racks laden with chicken, but just load and unload one chicken at a time.

-  the wishbone racks are covered with teflon meaning the arduous task of scrubbing and cleaning chicken spikes or trays is no longer required, saving a lot of operator time  

-  a fat separator is part of the oven so that operators no longer have to handle fat collection trays full of fat. 

-  the rotisserie aspect of the oven enhances the theatre of the cooking of the chickens, increasing the sales of chickens.

-  the oven does not require a pre-heat stage and operators can begin cooking virtually straight away after loading

-  the Roastrunner oven is self cleaning. Only requires standard dishwasher chemicals so large saving in cleaner costs.

 Flat rack options are also available that allow the cooking of roast meats or non-full chicken products.   

Available in single chamber (30 birds) and double chamber (60 birds) options.

Achieves a fast even bake, every chicken every time
Is simple and safe to operate
Has excellent point of sale presentation
Has low energy use
Smallest footprint for capacity
Bi-products managed through a fat separator
No pre-heat required for oven
Self cleaning with minimal chemicals and water use.
Easy to maintain with a long service life with minimal maintenance
Single or twin chamber

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