Webomatic Thermoformer

Webomatic ML-C 2600
Webomatic ML-C 2600

Webomatic ML-C 2600

Thermoforming Machine


The ML-C 2600 is the economical thermoforming machine that does great things in small to medium-sized companies! With a total length of compact 3.7 m, this thermoformer fits in any location. He manages to create high-quality packaging quickly and inexpensively in the smallest space.

With a total length of compact 3.7 m, the ML-C 2600 fits in every location and is the entry-level model for packaging with thermoforming machines. It is ideal for small and medium-sized productions and can be operated from both machine sides. No insert space is lost when using preheating; Optional plug-in mold inserts allow a changeover in minutes when changing products. 

Depending on the specification, the ML-C 2600 hard film can process up to 600 μm and a width of up to 422 mm in eight different print lengths of up to 300 mm.

Area of use Food, Non-Food
Size/Capacity ●●
Output ●●
Customization ●●
Packaging variants 12 predefined shapes
Packaging Style Vacuum, MAP, Pseudo-skin,
Form shrink, 2pack
Index/Repeat length 120 – 300 mm (max. 300 mm also with pre-heating)
Draw depth Max.130 mm
Bottom film width 322, 362, 422 mm
Bottom film: Flexible film PA/PE, Tyvec, max. 600 μm
Rigid film e.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS
Top film: Flexible film e.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS
Rigid film Optional
WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® Yes
WEBOMATIC Sealing Technology Yes
Forming procedures Standard: compressed air
Optional: compressed air and vacuum, plug assist forming
Top film forming –
Cutting Standard: guillotine cut
Optional: Zigzag cut, Perforation cut, Round corners, Squeezing knife, Strip punch, Contour or complete cut

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