Meiko Dishwasher

Meiko M-iQ Flight Washer
Meiko M-iQ Flight Washer
Meiko M-iQ Flight Washer

Meiko M-iQ Flight Washer

Commercial Dishwashing


A flight type dishwasher from the M-iQ range means: integrated dishwashing technology for people and the environment! Never before has a flight type dishwasher been so sophisticated! Your highlights: the M-iQ energy concept with an optimum energy balance; the M-iQ GreenEye technology® – because man and machine work best in a team; the M-iQ AirConcept which omits the need for an exhaust air connection; the M-iQ filter which guarantees the highest degree of process efficiency, and the M-iQ AirComfort drying with AirStream technology with which the guided air flows keep the energy in the system and ensure the perfect drying and therefore rinsing results. This is what the future of catering dishwashers looks like!


Reduced cleaning costs with the blue operating concept
Highest cleaning power with the use of one-third less materials and energy
Exhaust air outlet omitted thanks to the M-iQ AirConcept
Superb drying results with the M-iQ AirComfort drying
Ideal user friendliness with the glass CC-Touch display