Webomatic Thermoformer

Webomatic Thermoforming - skin
Webomatic Thermoforming - skin
Webomatic Thermoforming - skin
Webomatic Thermoforming - skin

Webomatic Thermoforming - skin

Skin Packaging


The deep-drawing packaging machine ML-C 5600-skin is designed for medium to high production requirements and is already a fixture in the food market. The thermoformed skin packaging is an additional packaging function for the ML-C 5600, which was  further developed according to the standards of WEBOMATIC CleanDesign ® and the properties of the ML-C 5600.

The ML-C 5600-skin is a variant of the ML-C 5600 that has been optimized for the industrial manufacture of skin packaging. The full surface of the skin film is sealed onto the bottom film without affecting the shape or color of the product. The result is packaging of excellent quality with improved food safety and the best possible product presentation - regardless of whether the product is presented hanging or lying at the point of sale.

Webomatic is unique in that this machine can skin some cavities and tray seal others in the same tray.

Area of use Food, Non-Food
Depth Max. 130 mm / max. 70 mm – skin
Bottom film width 322 – 562 mm
Bottom film: Flexible film PA/PE, Tyvec, max. 1200 μm
Rigid film e.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS
Top film: Flexible film e.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS
Rigid film Optional
WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® ●
WEBOMATIC Sealing Technology ●
Forming procedures Standard: compressed air
Optional: compressed air and vacuum, plug assist forming
Top film forming Optional
Cutting Standard: guillotine cut
Optional: Zigzag cut, Perforation
cut, Round corners, Squeezing
knife, Strip punch, Contour or complete cut
Film rewinding with dancer arms Optional
Opening aids Optional
Pre-heating Optional
WEBOMATIC On-The-Fly Format Change Optional
Pseudo-skin Optional
Protrude-skin Optional
WEBOMATIC 2pack Optional
Form shrink Optional

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